Litho overview

With a printing facility of B1 presses operating around gthe clock, we offer a fast, flexible and economical printing service that refuses to compromise on quality.

Combining our B1 press capacity with continental and night shifts, enables us to provide incredibly fast turnaround times on print runs ranging from 1 to 1 million or more copies. Clever formatting also permits smaller printing jobs, like business cards, to be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Yet however long the print run on our B1 presses, quality and colour consistency is maintained throughout. Press colour controls ensure colour integrity and consistency throughout the entire print run.

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Our B1 printing process has the flexibility to cope with a huge range of stock from 80gsm to 400gsm, from plain papers to specialist papers and boards.

SPEKTA Screening is used for all our print jobs. This screen process offers the ease and consistency of traditional AM screening, with the high quality results of FM (Frequency Modular) screening. Using this method we can achieve the quality and detail comparable to 300+ lines per inch (lpi) printing, but under 150 lpi printing conditions, even on uncoated stock.

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It is excellent for reproducing images which demand clear, sharp edges. In particular, SPEKTA Screening is ideal for high quality high definition, fine pattern or edge reproduction detail, avoiding rosette moiré in shadow areas and other applications that demand high quality resolution.

Environmental considerations are an integral part of our company policy. We only use vegetable inks and offer a full range of FSC stocks. For more information see our accreditations and CSR policy.

Continual investment in facilities, technology and training allows us to offer an unrivalled, quality printing service for clients throughout the UK.

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