Prepress proofing

With three levels of proofing available, you can choose the most appropriate method for your requirements.

Option 1 - Epson colour proof Option 2 - Digital proof Option 3 - Pdf proof

Option 1 is our high resolution Epson colour proof which complies to the latest ISO 12647 specifications. Calibration is checked daily to ensure a perfect match, making Epson proofs particularly suited to colour critical print jobs.

If colour accuracy is essential, then an Epson colour proof is highly recommended for proofing purposes.

Option 2 is a Xerox digital proof, available up to SRA3 in size. If content rather than colour is the concern, then a digital proof may be more appropriate. Ideal for large text documents, manuals, etc., if required, Xerox digital proofs can be backed up and even made into complete books or brochures.

Xerox digital proofs, mocked up in this way, are often used by our design and marketing customers to enhance their tenders and presentations..

Option 3 Option 3 is a pdf proof and the most cost effective method available. It is also a fast and efficient way of proofing your artwork.

Please note: when viewing a pdf please ensure that the ‘overprint’ option in Acrobat is switched ‘on’, this is not available in Acrobat reader or Apple’s Preview software.