Submit artwork - Artwork tips

Ensuring that your artwork specification is as accurate as possible can help to avoid unnecessary delays with the printing process.

For your convenience, we’ve put together the following quick checklist that you might find useful:

Is the page size correct?
The page size for folders or die cut items, should be the flat size of the cutter and include any glue flaps, which should be 15mm.

Is the page count correct?
- Have any required blanks been inserted where necessary?

Is the pagination order of the document correct?
- In other words, is page 1 of the document, page 1 of the finished job.
- If you have to supply the document as spreads, please do not supply as printers pairs.

Has full consideration been given to the binding method?
Make sure that any critical elements will not be lost or cropped due to the method of binding:
- Have Spiral/Wiro bound documents been supplied as single pages to view with bleed on all 4 edges?
- With documents that require drilling, drill holes should be clearly marked on document as a spot colour, which also helps to ensure that copy is clear of the drill holes.

Is the project created with an application that we can accept, along with relevant images and fonts?

Please only supply the files that are required for the job.

Has a 3mm bleed been added to all pages?

Please ensure that no hairline rules or weights less than 0.1mm have been used.

Check that items with overprint options switched on are intentional, as these will be adhered to.

Make sure that the job is not imposed.

Please ensure that pdf files, when supplied are pdf-X1a compliant - further guidance is available if required.

Whenever possible, please supply a mock up.

Please ensure that a correctly specified estimate has been supplied. This can be quoted when submitting work.